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P-51 Protector Whistle

P-51 Protector Whistle


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The ONLY hygienic pealess whistle in the world!!

Used by NFL, NBA, and NCAA referees!

The P-51 Whistle is named after the iconic P-51 Mustang that revolutionized aerial warfare. Its exceptional range, speed, and firepower challenged the existing norms and set new standards for future aircraft design and tactics. Just like the P-51 Mustang, the Whistle will revolutionize the game and set the bar high for years to come.

Unlike traditional whistles that direct air and spit upward towards players, the P-51 Whistle directs it downwards, reducing the risk of health hazards and improving hygiene standards on the court and field. The P-51 Whistle commands everyone’s attention, delivering a mighty blow without the blemish of flying spittle. 


  • Removable Cushioned Mouth Grip
  • Droplets reduced by 95% from the patented design
  • Resealable packaging for storage
  • Less air, less spit, and a great sound
  • Lanyard Clip


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